Israel/Hamas war: Don urges UN to act fast, broker cease-fire

Dr Chinedu Ejezie, a Senior Lecturer at the Department of Political Science, University of Nigeria Nsukka, has urged United Nations (UN) to act fast to broker cease-fire in the ongoing war between Isreal and Hamas before the situation gets out of hand.

Ejezie said this in Nsukka on Wednesday in an interview with our reporter, while reacting to the ongoing war between Isreal and Hamas as result of Hamas attack on Isreal on October 7.

He said that, if UN did not act fast to broker cease-fire the situation might get out of hand and global peace would be threatened as countries in the world has started supporting Isreal or Hamas.

“I urge UN as matter of urgency to intervene and call for a cease-fire on both sides, so that there be room for negotiations to avert more casualties

“It’s unfortunate many civilian causalities including children have been killed because of heavy airstrikes and bombardments on Gaza Strip by Isreal.

“Isreal should consider many civilian causalities and stop further airstrikes and bombardments on Gaza Strip,”he said.

The don however, condemned the action of Hamas on October 7 that trigged the war, in which Hamas launched a deadly attack on Isreal, killed and injured many as well as abducted many others.

“This action of Hamas should be condemned by everybody in the world and UN should do everything within its powers to avoid a recurrence.

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“It’s this unprovoked attack on Isreal by Hamas on Isreali that is responsible for the ongoing war.

“Hamas should without further delay, released unconditionally all those abducted on that fateful day ,” said.

Ejezie also urged UN to proscribe Hamas militant group in Palestine as a way of finding a long lasting peace between Isreal and Palestine.

“To resolve the age-long difference between Isreal and Palestine, the UN should first proscribed the militant group called Hamas.

“No negotiations to achieve peace between Isreal and Palestine will achieve the desired results if Hamas is not proscribed,”he said.

The Political Scientist urged countries in the world to join hands in finding amicable resolutions of misunderstanding between Isreal and Palestine.

“Aligning and supporting Isreal or Palestine in the ongoing hostility will not solve the problem rather it will escalate it,” Ejezie said.

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