Breaking: Tribunal strikes out several paragraphs in Obi’s petition

The court has struck out several paragraphs of the LP’s petition for being generic and vague.

As stated earlier, the tribunal said the affected paragraphs failed to name the specific polling units where irregularities occurred.

Justice Abba Mohammed said LP made “generic allegations of irregularities and said they would rely on spreadsheets, inspection reports and forensic analysis filed with the petition during trial but the documents promised by the petitioners were not attached to the petition.

“They also failed to prove that their votes were suppressed by failing to specify the number of votes suppressed.”

On the Obi/LP petition, the tribunal said the petitioners only made “generic accusations of irregularities” in the election but failed to specify the anomaly, the places where it occurred and those affected.”

The court said although Peter Obi and LP claimed to have scored the majority of lawful votes cast, they failed to state the number of lawful votes they scored.

“They failed to state the number of votes affected and the number of people disenfranchised,” says Justice Abba Mohammed.

“The determination of election is about figures,” the court held.

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