Group tasks parents on proper parenting, good moral guidance for children

The Police Campaign Against Cultism and Other Vices (POCACOV), a police advocacy group, on Tuesday tasked parents on proper parenting and good moral guidance of children and youths.

“Good parenting is anchored on proper adult guidance and listening to children to find out their challenges and allowing them to grow from their mistakes rather than the usual enforcement of consequences,” National Coordinator of POCACOV, CSP Ebere Amaraizu, said.

Amaraizu gave the task on the sidelines of an interview on the forthcoming Nationwide POCACOV Old School Night Activity, which is meant to reinvent the role of family in the moral upbringing of children (Responsive and Responsible Parenting).

According to him, a lot has happened to our parental framework and adversely affecting our parenting responsibilities which in turn is affecting the way our young minds are nurtured and brought up.

“The way our children are brought up with disappearance of values, morals and discipline have presented a push and at times pull factors to why our young minds journey to crime or become vulnerable to be recruited into criminality and membership of unlawful societies.

“The home is the immediate environment of any child hence the need for responsive and responsible parenting which will encourage adult guidance role and positive parenting where the child can grow from his or her mistakes to become a champion,” he said.

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On the Old School Night; Amaraizu, however, noted that the POCACOV Old School Night with stakeholders, volunteers and ambassadors “is a problem solving activity targeted at parenting”.

This, he said, remained a serious business in order to make our children to thrive for a functional community.

The national coordinator noted that the event would concentrate on activities that would focus on “who is a parent; qualities and characteristics of good parenting”.

He said: “What constitute bad parenting? What is Adult Guidance and what does it do to child proper upbringing?

“The activity will also be used by stakeholders, volunteers to reawaken consciousness on responsive and responsible parenting as reinventing the role of family in the moral upbringing of children towards a functional community and sustainable development.

“This will make young minds stick to respect to values, standard, morals and discipline which promotes honours, integrity and hard work rather than the usual relapse for materialism which promotes pathways to crime and vices”.

Amaraizu said that the event would feature Old School music, dance, comedy and other mouthwatering activity.

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