NutriMilk Launches New Super Kids Vanilla Flavour

CWAY Food and Beverages, one of the leading food and beverage companies in Nigeria, hosted a remarkable Father’s Day celebration in honour of fathers and father figures at the prestigious Sheraton Hotel in Ikeja, Lagos, last weekend.

The event, planned by CWAY Food and Beverages flagship brand Nutri Milk, was organized to recognize and appreciate the significant roles fathers play in families and the society. It featured engaging activities such as a paint and sip session, entertaining games, and soul-lifting presentations by winners who emerged from the Nutri Milk Spoken Words Challenge held on social media.

In his address, Tope Sule, the Brand and Marketing Manager for Nutri Milk and Super Kids at CWAY Food and Beverages, shared the inspiration behind the event as he reiterated the note of the Managing Director, Arun Bhintade. He emphasized Nutri Milk’s commitment to creating amazing experiences and fostering a sense of love and togetherness within families.

“Today is a special day for us as we celebrate fathers. Nutri Milk’s brand essence is centered on creating amazing experiences and sharing love, as we consider ourselves a family oriented brand. We recognize the significant role fathers and father figures play in our lives so it is important that we also celebrate them.

“This event is the first of its kind for us, we plan to make it even bigger in the coming years. We do not overlook the importance of Mother’s Day; we celebrate it, but we also want to celebrate Father’s Day too as we know everyone plays an important role in the family”.

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Jean Park Bestman, National Modern Trade Manager for CWAY Food and Beverages, spoke about the significance of the event for the company. She highlighted the sacrifices fathers make and their crucial role in providing direction and support to their families:

“At CWAY Food and Beverages, we understand the sacrifices fathers make and the crucial role they play as the heads of their families. Their commitment, love, and guidance shape homes and communities. As a company, we appreciate and acknowledge their efforts. This event is an opportunity for us to express our gratitude to all fathers and our partners who are also fathers. We celebrate Father’s Day every year within our organization, and this year, we decided to extend the celebration further by gathering here to appreciate them as an organization.”

Speaking in a similar vein, Samuel O. Akinrimisi, Deputy Marketing Director of CWAY Food and Beverages highlighted the company’s commitment to supporting the well-being of Nigerians through its products. He said, “Milk is an integral part of our growth as individuals, and CWAY Food and Beverages, through its Nutri Milk brand, seeks to acknowledge and celebrate fathers who provide care, resilience, and support. We express our gratitude for their sacrifices and the positive impact they make in their families. 

In conjunction with the celebration of fathers, CWAY Food and Beverages introduced the new Super Kids Vanilla flavour. Yinka Taiwo, Deputy General Manager for Nutri Milk Business Unit at the unveiling explained, “At CWAY, we always strive to offer the best products to our consumers. The introduction of Super Kids Vanilla flavour is a result of careful research and our commitment to delivering value. We want to provide children with a creamy and tasty product that adds value to their lives. Super Kids has been a beloved brand, and this new variant further enriches our product line, ensuring we meet the diverse preferences of our consumers.”

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Akinrimisi, further highlighted the significance of the Super Kids Vanilla flavour, stating, “Vanilla flavour is a popular choice among children. By adding this flavour to our Super Kids range, we ensure that children can enjoy a creamy product with a familiar taste, while also contributing to their sustainable development through the inclusion of essential nutrients like DHA.

Feedback from various participants and stakeholders was overwhelmingly positive. Umoru Obande, Head of Procurement at Jendor Superstores expressed appreciation for CWAY Group’s recognition of fathers, stating that it was a significant and well-deserved acknowledgment. “This is the first time we have seen such a dedicated celebration for fathers, and it is a great thing. It shows that the Nutri Milk brand recognizes and appreciates men. As an industry insider, I commend them for this step,” he enthused.

Regarding the new Super Kids Vanilla flavour, Obande praised the product’s quality and predicted its success in the market. He remarked, “I have tasted the new vanilla flavour, and I can assure you that it will be highly sought after. The packaging, taste, and creaminess make it a favourite among children. It will undoubtedly be a best-seller.”

Kelvin Achikwe, CEO of Watchman Enterprise and one of CWAY’s distributors, expressed his enthusiasm for the Super Kids Vanilla flavour. He said, “This new flavour is a game-changer for the Super Kids brand. I am confident that it will dominate the market and attract a significant customer base. The demand is already increasing, and I anticipate a surge in sales.”


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