How To Break, Set Guinness World Record 2023

Guinness World Records, also known as The Guinness Book of Records and The Guinness Book of World Records in earlier US editions, according to Wikipedia, is an annual reference book published in the United Kingdom.

The book lists world records for both human accomplishments and the extremes of the natural world. Norris and Ross McWhirter, twin brothers, and Sir Hugh Beaver collaborated to start the book on Fleet Street, London, in August 1955.

The first edition was at the top of the bestselling list in the UK in 1955, the book was published in 100 countries and 23 languages the next year, and as of the 2022 edition, it is now in its 67th year of publication with a database containing more than 53,000 records.

A world record is typically the highest ever recorded and officially recognised performance in a particular skill, sport, or other activity. Guinness World Records and other world record organisations compile and publish a number of noteworthy records in their books. One of them is the World Records Union, which is the only organisation recognised by the Council of the Notariats of the European Union as a world records registry.


There are a variety of competitions, from the popular ones like Olympic weightlifting to the ones for throwing eggs the farthest or how many hot dogs can be ingested in three minutes while playing Grand Theft Auto IV for the longest period. In addition to competition records, it also lists information about the biggest tumour, the deadliest fungus, the longest-running soap opera, and the most expensive life insurance policy, among other things.

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Guinness World Records also lists a number of records that it will not recognise due to moral considerations, such as those that involve the killing or harming of animals.
Several world records that were originally mentioned in the book have been taken out for moral grounds, such as considerations for possible record breakers’ well-being. Some records that are too challenging or impossible to determine have been rejected for inclusion in the Guinness World Records list. For instance, according to the company’s website, “We do not accept any claims for beauty as it is not objectively measurable.”

A number of Nigerians have expressed interest in breaking Guinness World Records in recent times, especially since Chef Hilda Baci broke the record for the longest cooking marathon.

In a post shared on its Twitter page on Tuesday, the Guinness World Records management urged intending applicants to get confirmation first before attempting to break or set new records.

The agency noted that applicants should visit their website to see how the process works. GWR tweeted, “polite reminder that you should probably have your world record title confirmed by our team before attempting it; here’s how our process works.”

Here are seven steps that will help intending applicants to break or set a Guinness World Record.

1. Explore the world records database thoroughly: Check out the Guinness World Records record page to learn more about GWR record-breaking standards and procedures

2. Pick a world record to try to break. You might have a world record in mind that you want to attempt, or you might have an original concept.

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3. Apply and wait for the instructions: Applications received may take up to 12 weeks before a response is given. If you are in a hurry, you can fast-track your application by purchasing a Priority Application service (charges apply).

4. Understand the requirements and evidence needed for the attempt: Following your application, you will have access to a “guide to your evidence” paper that will go into great depth about what is necessary to have a world record attempt verified.

5. Practise and exercise before attempting to break a record: Breaking a world record requires a lot of effort and time. Schedule practise sessions for breaking the record you are attempting. Until you are certain that you can beat the record or the minimum requirement in the event of a new record, do not go to the next stage.

6. Carry out your official world record attempt: Set a day, time, and venue for the record attempt, making sure that the logistics are prepared and the required tools are on hand. Set up the independent witnesses’ and any other necessary experts’ attendance. Additionally, you must ensure that a photographer and a cameraman are present to record your effort. Before trying to break the record, make sure to check to see if it has already been broken.

7. Submit your evidence, cover letter, and all other required documents: Make sure to provide enough supporting documentation for your record attempt because over 50% of submissions are turned down for lack of it. Normally, reviewing records takes up to 12 weeks.


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