Three Schools Emerge Winners in Maiden Mathema Competition

Mathema 1.0, the inaugural mathematics competition for secondary school students in Nigeria, has been concluded with great success, as three schools emerged victorious in the thrilling battle of numbers and calculations.

The competition, organized by Secoken Limited, a renowned platform for skill development, opportunity creation, and rewards, aimed to encourage academic excellence and foster a love for STEM subjects among young learners. With an overwhelming response from participating schools, Mathema 1.0 marked the beginning of a series of future editions, promising to nurture young talents and inspire educational growth.

In an exciting finale held recently in Lagos, the second runner-up position was claimed by students from Utopia College, Lagos, who demonstrated their exceptional mathematical prowess and was awarded a cash prize of ₦100,000. Following closely, the first runner-up position was achieved by a student from Sachel College, Lagos who showcased their impressive problem-solving skills and received ₦300,000 worth of prize.

The ultimate triumph in the maiden Mathema 1.0 competition belonged to the exceptional students all the way from Ogun states, from Eminence College, who exhibited her unparalleled mathematical abilities. The remarkable performance earned the school the prestigious title of overall winners, along with a grand prize worth ₦500,000.

While presenting the cheque to the overall winners, special guest of honour for the occasion and Chief Executive Officer of Awesome Communications, Mr. Joshua Ajayi praised the resilience of all participants at the competition, urging them to continue in their strides and not rest on their oars. He also commended organisers of the event for what he described as an exceptionally organized event.

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The competition journey was a rigorous one for all participating schools, comprising various stages that led to the grand finale. The initial stage took place on October 21, 2022, with an impressive participation of approximately 200 students. Based on their scores, a stringent shortlisting process determined the finalists who progressed to the battle for the top prize.

Mr. Segun Emmanuel Osunniyi, Managing Director and Co-founder of Secoken Limited, spoke about the inspiration behind Mathema 1.0, emphasizing the importance of motivating students and providing them with a platform to compete and enhance their academic abilities.

He stated, “We initiated Mathema to encourage students in their studies and create an environment where they can develop their analytical skills through healthy competition.”Mr. Segun expressed his excitement about the event’s growth, stating, “We are thrilled with the turnout and participation for this inaugural edition. Our dedicated efforts, sleepless nights, and selfless sacrifices have borne fruit.

Mr. Kolade Olubobokun, Chief Operating Officer and Co-founder of Secoken Limited, echoed these sentiments, highlighting the significance of promoting academic excellence among secondary students in Lagos state. He commented, “Mathema was conceived as a means to contribute to the educational landscape, fostering a greater love for STEM subjects. We recognized the value of cultivating talents at a young age and equipping them with valuable skills even before they enter higher institutions.

“We specially appreciate all our supporters who believed in the the vision of the organisation by showing Thier support. Supporters: NASCO, DAYO AJALA & CO, ROLEK INTERIORS, Mr. Gbenga Mayungbe and to mention a few,” he concluded.

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The maiden edition of Mathema 1.0 received an overwhelming response from schools across Lagos and Ogun State and we were happy to have had them in this maiden edition. We are confident that the next edition will surpass this one in size, participation, and support.

Mathema 1.0 sets the stage for an exciting future, empowering young minds and propelling the pursuit of excellence in mathematics. Secoken Limited remains committed to nurturing and celebrating the exceptional mathematical talents that emerge from the vibrant educational landscape of Lagos.

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