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Peter Obi Urges Obidients, Nigerians To Never Give Up

Presidential Candidate of the Labour Party, Mr Peter Obi, has encouraged Nigerians to remain calm and steadfast in their journey of reclaiming their mandate of a new Nigeria, noting that he will never give up on the journey, until victory is achieved.

Obi explained that he never expected the journey to New Nigeria to be an easy one, saying that the forces who had, over the years, lived off the old order, were bound to fight back, as is being experienced now.

He said, “if they come at us through land, air and sea, we will respond to them through land, air and sea, but we will remain law abiding and will never give up on the nation.

“We are on the right path, and we will remain commited to the course,” Obi said.

Obi made the remarks at the National Executive Council Meeting of the Labour Party held in Asaba today.

He reiterated his commitment to a ‘Nigeria that will be beneficial to every Nigerian.’ He maintained that the struggle to reclaim the mandate was not about him, as a person, but about millions of Nigerians who reposed their trust on him through their votes.

“The millions of Nigerians who voted for me did not just cast their votes, but they invested their hope in me. They deserve justice. So we must stay the course. And beyond regaining our mandate, I am commited to lifting people out of poverty. I remain commited to transforming Nigeria, starting from the North to every part of the nation,” Obi stated.

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He further revealed that there may be more mud slinging on him from those who are against the emergence of the New Nigeria, but he said he would never be deterred by the obstacles along the way to victory.

“I have always lived my life in the most law abiding manner possible. Sometimes, as humans, we make mistakes, but I will never knowingly break any law. I am, therefore, not afraid of the lies and propaganda against my person. They are part of the journey to a New Nigeria,” Obi concluded.

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