Girls Who Are Not Virgins Make Better Decisions — OAP Nedu

Nigerian on-air personality and comedian Chinedu Ani Emmanuel, known as Nedu has opined that girls who are not virgins make better decisions.

He made this known on his recent podcast ‘The Honest Bunch’ on Monday.

Nedu also explained why it’s better to marry a woman who is not a virgin.

According to him, non-virgins make better decisions, while the majority of virgins are not competent decision-makers.

He said, “If I want to get married, I won’t marry a virgin,” he said

“The fact that you are a virgin does not make you the best woman a man can marry.

“For me, why I think you should marry a girl that is not a virgin, girls who are not virgins, in my opinion, make better decisions better, because most girls who are virgins believe that their virginity is their pride and value,

“They would say my virginity is who I am as a woman. It is everything. I’m a 30 years old and I’m a virgin.

“Which means, every pride as a woman is that your virginity, so when you get married and you husband dis-virgins you, then what will become of you?

“In that case, anything a man tells you at that point, you agree, but for the experienced lady, you have that mentality to know what is right and wrong.

“But that is not to say been a virgin is bad, it’s my personal opinion.”

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