‘This is pure inhuman — Ifu Ennada says as police arrest 70 women at Abuja nightclub

Ifu Ennada has reacted to the arrest of over 70 women at an Abuja nightclub, a move she described as pure insanity and evil.

The reality show star who imagined hanging out with her friends and getting bullied and sexually abused by the police she said are hooligans, said she wrote about the incident as it affects all young Nigerian women.

Condemning the arrest of over 70 women at an Abuja nightclub, Ifu Ennada wrote;

Heard this news about some Abuja policemen who raided different nightclubs, arrested over 70 women, because they were clubbing, accused them of being prostitutes and went on to rape some of them using pure water bags as condoms.

This is pure insanity and evil. I’m writing about this because this situation affects all of us as young Nigerian women. That could have been you or me! Imagine hanging out with your girls and getting bullied and sexually abused by these hooligans all because you are dressed “a certain way” and because you just happen to be at the club.

It’s so sad that people who are supposed to be protecting us violate us every single day and most times go scot-free. Who is going to stand up for these women? What happens to the police who engaged in these despicable acts? Is this case going to get swept under the rug yet again? We need justice!

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