Why Cristiano Ronaldo couldn’t Lead Them To Ajax

Max Allegri doesn’t think Juventus put too much pressure on Cristiano Ronaldo on the night he said he wants to stay.

The Italians tumbled out of the Champions League as they went down 2-1 at home to Ajax.

It was a terrible night for the Old Lady as Ronaldo kissed goodbye to the chance to win four European Cups back-to-back.

Allegri was asked if some of his players felt Ronaldo would resolve everything.

The coach said:-

“No, absolutely not. Ronaldo has given us a lot over the course of the campaign, but when you reach the quarter-final, you need every player.

“I’ve always said that to win the Champions League, you need to reach a certain stage in good form and with good fitness levels.

“We’ve been in a bit of an emergency situation for a while and that can only be sustained for so long.

“We were missing four or five players tonight. Daniele Rugani and Leonardo Bonucci had good games for 50 minutes or so, but we lost our unity and organisation, giving Ajax the advantage.”

He now wants to be in charge next season after month of speculation.

“I told the President that I will stay. We’ll sit down with the club and think about the future,” he said.

“When you reach the quarter-finals, it’s better to have as many options as possible, because these ties are decided by details, substitutions and options off the bench.

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